The hip joint is a strong and sturdy articulation that carry most of the body weight during walking and running. Wear and tear and injury are not uncommon to the hip joint.

When a hip disorder exists, it is linked with an imbalance in another part of the body responsible or resulting from the current hip problem (pelvis, knee, back and ankle imbalance/disorder).

At JEH OSTEOPATHY to best manage your hip condition by managing the hip joint as well as the surrounding joints and associated muscles.

Hip Pain Relief osteopathy

Common hip symptoms:

  • Clicking popping noise.
  • Hip locking or giving way.
  • Pain & difficulty walking
  • Pain weightbearing.

Some common hip condition patients visit JEH OSTEOPATHY with:

  • Muscular strain.
  • Ligament strain
  • Hip osteoarthritis.
  • Hip injury.
  • Labral tear.
  • Referred pain from back, pelvis, knee or viscera.