What we do

An Osteopath is a primary health care professional who is professionally trained to perform manual therapy of the musculo-skeletal system.
We do not just provide relief for back and neck pains; Osteopathy is a natural, safe and non- invasive approach to healthcare. It is very effective in treating musculo-skeletal conditions without the need for surgery or drugs. Osteopathy can help restore the body’s natural balance, alleviate pain and improve physical and mental wellbeing. It has a holistic approach to treatment which addresses underlying issues that might be the root cause of your pain and hopefully avoid any recurrent health issues.

Health solutions

We assess and provide logically designed, functional, durable and effective evidence based osteopathic care to individuals of all ages, families, businesses and communities of all levels, activities and backgrounds, the highest quality of services and professional expertise for musculoskeletal disorders resulting from employment, recreation and sport related activities. This includes:
Back Pain and Sciatica, Neck and Headaches
Joint Pain, this includes Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Elbow and Wrist
Shoulder Pain and Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)
Arthritic and Rheumatic Pain
Muscle Strain and severe Muscle Spasm
Postural Problems and Posture Check
Pain related Pregnancy / Postnatal
Sport Injury and Injury Management
Whiplash Disorders
Repetitive Strains including Tennis and Golfers Elbow
Nerve impingement
Soft and Deep Tissue Therapies
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