Your first visit

In your first osteopathic consultation at JOB EFFECTIVE HEALTH, your osteopath will go through a case history. This includes asking you questions about the nature of your current problem, pain and discomfort; the location, the time of onset, pain patterns and symptoms. This will help the osteopath to understand why you have come for treatment
To best assess the current nature of your problem, your osteopath will need to know about your medical history including current medications, illnesses, past accidents; surgeries and hospital investigations. If you are on medications, it is helpful to bring a list of your current prescriptions. If you have had any investigations such as blood tests, an X-Ray or MRI scan, then bring of copy of the report with you. Finally he will need to know about your life style. This includes your current and previous employment history, sport, fitness activities and hobbies.
The information gathered will allow the osteopath to assess if osteopathy is appropriate for you. He will then design and tailor his assessment, treatment and management to suit you as a unique individual. He will also discuss the best treatment approach for you and indicate how much treatment you will need. Then treatment will start.