The elbow is relatively sturdy and stable joint the act as a hinge in the middle of the arm allowing our hand to reach our mouth.

Elbow disorder are increasingly common due to the increase of desk bound job and repetitive task at work. At JEH Osteopathy we work with you to best diagnose and address you elbow condition to decrease it symptoms and reoccurrence.

Common symptoms of elbow pain:

  • Chronic pain on either side of the elbow joint.
  • Sharp pain when moving or grabbing objects.
  • Clicking or crepitus in the elbow joint.
  • Pain and restriction in the elbow.
  • Shoulder and wrist associated disorders.

Some common elbow condition patients visit JEH Osteopathy with:

  • ‘‘Tennis elbow’’ and ’’Golfer elbow’’.
  • Elbow repetitive strain.
  • Ligament strain.
  • Elbow injury.
  • Epicondylitis.
  • Bursitis.
elbow problems treatment