The wrist is made up of eight small bones known as carpal bones. They support a tube that runs through the wrist called carpal tunnel. It has tendons and nerves inside and covered by ligaments which holds it in place.

Hand and wrist pains are common and often caused by overuse or repetitive motion of everyday activities such typing, racquet sport, sewing or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Whether you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of repetitive motion in your desk bound job, or expecting mother, or experiencing referred pain from neck or elbow, osteoarthritis or ligamentous sprain, or anything else related to the health of your hand and wrist, please do not hesitate to contact JEH OSTEOPATHY for help and advice and to book your appointment.

During your first appointment at JEH OSTEOPATHY, we will assess you to determine if osteopathy is suitable for you and determine which condition you might be suffering from. We will also discuss the best treatment approach for you and indicate how much treatment you might need. At JEH OSTEOPATHY, We are here, Helping You Get Back to Doing Things You Enjoy The Most, Pain Free.

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