How we treat

Osteopaths treat with their hands to relieve strains on the human body, rebalancing interconnections between different anatomical body parts, assisting the body in his own inherent ability to heal itself. Osteopaths’ use a wide range of treatments methods tailored to the individual’s characteristic such as age, physique and current condition suffered.
Methods vary from soft – tissue of muscles and ligaments depending on the aim to be achieved; passive joint tractions and stretches to articulation and manipulation techniques known as Higher Velocity Low amplitude (HVT) which patients feel a “click or a pop” to improve joint mobility. In addition to their “hands on” Osteopaths also offer self-care advice on life style, exercise, posture and work place set-up in the office to help patient sustain improvement gained during treatment and achieve excellent levels of recovery.


Osteopaths are well trained and qualified to recognise the need for further medical investigation such as MRI scans, blood tests and will refer as appropriate for specialist advice.
In the UK, Osteopathy is under the regulation of the General Osteopathic Council its governing body and all osteopaths practicing in the country are on its register.